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Workforce Development Consulting


Workforce development consulting for Jim Cassio & Associates includes a wide range of activities including (but not limited to):

  • Planning and coordinating industry sector initiatives
  • Conducting workforce needs assessments
  • Developing Priority Occupations and Demand Occupations lists or resource publications
  • Evaluation and inventory or public directory of certificate and degree training programs
  • Developing certificate and degree training programs
  • Planning and coordinating layoff aversion programs
  • Developing annual reports or marketing/promotional material
  • Developing, maintaining or hosting dynamic websites
  • Developing career exploration and job search workshops
  • Designing and conducting training-for-trainers workshops 
  • Staff training/development


Industry sector initiatives are regional, industry-focused solutions to workforce and economic development challenges. Our most recent work in planning and coordinating industry sector initiatives are in the East Bay and North Bay areas of the San Francisco (bay area) region. In Contra Costa County, for example, we teamed with Craft Consulting Group to lead an industry sector initiative focused on advanced manufacturing. Besides extensive research and analysis, the project also involved extensive engagement with local manufacturers to better understand their labor market needs and to get them more involved in working collaboratively with the Workforce Development Board (of Contra Costa County). We also worked closely with board members and staff and got many of them involved in the direct business engagement activities. We believe this project provides a model that will work with just about any industry sector (or cluster) in any region. And it can be scaled and customized to meet the unique needs of each client. We welcome you to download the reports from this project and share them with anyone you think may be interested.

We've also done extensive work for the Napa-Lake Workforce Investment Board, including sector strategy initiatives. From their website (which we developed), you can see many examples of our work as reflected in the various reports and publications, as well as in the Career and Training Network (also our product) which includes occupational resource information and a comprehensive regional training directory.

Annual reports for organizations vary significantly. Some organizations, including workforce investment boards, are obligated to prepare annual reports for their board members each year. Some prepare annual reports on occasion, to help inform their board members or the public of their recent accomplishments and initiatives. Some organizations prefer their annual reports to take the form of a brochure, magazine, or video. We have the content skills and experience needed, along with the graphic design expertise (Casey Design) to develop effective annual reports and other marketing/promotional material in just about any media format desired. Please see this sample annual report, or watch this video we developed.

We have developed and facilitated many workshops on career exploration, job search, and labor market information topics, including training-for-trainers workshops. We also frequently conduct regional community meetings and events as a tool for promoting and disseminating information from our industry and occupational research.

Advancing Manufacturing Report

Job Opportunities in Advanced Manufacturing

Annual Report

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