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Industry and Occupational Research


Industry and occupational research for Jim Cassio & Associates includes a wide range of activities including (but not limited to):

  • Economic or industry outlook studies which focus on specific industries, industry clusters, or the overall economy
  • Industry sector analyses which provides a critical first-step for industry sector initatives
  • Occupational outlook projects/reports which identify and profile occupations/career choices
  • Conducting workforce needs and skill gap assessments
  • Developing Priority Occupations and Demand Occupations lists or resource publications
  • Developing an inventory or public directory of certificate and degree training programs
  • Developing, maintaining or hosting dynamic websites as a tool for disseminating industry and occupational information
  • Developing research-based career exploration and job search workshops

For more than two decades we have been experts at survey research as applied to industry and occupational information. If the needed data does exist, we will find it, analyze it, and turn it into useful and actionable information. If the needed data doesn't exist, or if it only partially exists, we will design and conduct a survey research project that will provide exactly what is needed. Have you already attempted a survey that has not been successful, or have you had bad outcomes from past survey experiences? If so, this is no reason to decide that surveys aren't incredibly useful tools! The problem with failed surveys is usually due to poor design. Not just the questionnaire, although that can often be the weak link in the chain. But the whole design of a research project - from preliminary research to dissemination - needs to be carefully considered. Is a survey necessary? Of who, exactly? Why will they participate in the survey? What survey methodology is the best choice? What will make the survey's outcome representative and useful? Does it need a validation component, such as a focus group, a panel of subject matter experts, or a comparison with existing data? Who will interpret the raw data, and how? How will the data be turned into practical and useful information? Finally, any survey worth conducting must be done with skill and determination because any weak link in the chain will compromise the outcome.

For our workforce investment board clients, the focus of our research is often on identifying the workforce needs of local or regional employers in target industries or sectors. Another common research project for workforce boards is the identification of Priority Occupations based on a supply-demand assessment (whereas Demand Occupations are limited to demand-side data only). Both of these research objectives are key to successful industry sector initatives which have the power to bring together employers and the workforce development community to solve serious problems.

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