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Jim Cassio is considered one of the nation's foremost experts on the subject of green jobs and careers. Jim offers the following green career and business resources:

Green Careers Resource Guide 2014
The Green Careers Resource Guide began in 2007 as a conference handout that quickly morphed into a free e-book for career and workforce development professionals. Before long, however, it was being used by thousands of students and career explorers who were interested in finding environmentally responsible work to match their green values. Then there were yearly updates to the resource guide for several years. However, this 2014 edition is the first update in several years and also represents a significant expansion of information. As I suggested in the original resource guide, one doesn’t have to be an environmental activist or tree hugger to be interested in a green career. On the contrary, you only need to be interested in work that involves preserving, protecting or improving the environment!

Green Careers: Choosing Work for a Sustainable Future (with co-author Alice Rush)
A unique career guidance book with profiles of about 100 different green career fields plus extensive interviews with "real people" who work in those careers! Available in paperback or e-book formats. Visit New Society Publishers to learn more or to purchase this book, or inquire with your favorite online or brick & mortar bookseller.

Green/Sustainability Workshops, Presentations & Events
Jim offers highly rated, on-site Green Career Workshops and Green Business Practices Workshops to co-sponsoring organizations who coordinate the workshops for their staff, clients, students or customers. Jim's workshops are always slightly customized and can range from 2 hours to a full day. Some workshops may include a panel of industry or subject matter experts, with the discussion moderated by Jim.
Jim is also a popular keynote speaker at green/sustainability events.

Green Research Projects
Jim Cassio & Associates has significant experience and skill in researching green jobs or the green economy for career development, workforce development, or economic development purposes. A couple of challenges in green research projects are that occupation and industry classification systems (which tie together existing data) do not identify green occupations and green industries. Only those with significant experience in researching the green economy have the requisite knowledge.

Coaching & Consulting
Jim is available at a coaching/consulting rate of $75/hr to provide green career coaching to individuals or small groups, or sustainability consulting to businesses or organizations that want to learn more about green business practices and environmental responsibility.

greenoccupedia.com was superseded by the new Green Careers Resource Guide 2014. Jim's apologies to those who were fans of greenoccupedia, but maintaining both a free website (greenoccupedia) and a free e-book is too much!

Free e-Book!

Green Careers: Choosing Work for a Sustainable Future
Visit New Society Publishers

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